Our Youth & Family Services

Foster Care

Our Foster Care program serves children and adolescents who have been removed from their home for a variety of reasons ranging from abuse and neglect in their home to delinquent or self-harming behaviors of the youth. Our youth live with highly trained foster parents and receive services to help them succeed at home, in school and in other community settings. Placement with foster parents is based on the youth’s needs and the foster parent’s strengths. Each child is individually matched. Additionally, we work with the natural families to prepare them for re-unification with the youth. A youth graduates from the program when he or she meets treatment goals, and a stable and permanent home environment is identified and prepared.

Emergency Foster Care

Emergency Foster Care serves youth and families experiencing crisis situations that require children to be placed outside of their home in a safe and secure environment for a short-term basis. Youth typically remain in an Emergency Foster Home setting for no more than 30 days. During this time, assessment and planning occur to determine the best long-term placement for the youth.

Respite Care

Respite Care Services offer foster or natural parents occasional breaks from the everyday stresses caused by parenting. Respite is designed to give children an opportunity to have positive interactions with other appropriate people besides their foster or natural families.

Family Support / Community Treatment Aid

The Family Support (FSP) and Community Treatment Aid (CTA) programs serve to enhance and strengthen a family’s capacity to function independently. FSP/CTA Specialists demonstrate, educate and empower families to create a healthy and positive home environment; ensure proper care, safety and guidance of children; create alternative support systems; and achieve self-sufficiency. Family Support and Community Treatment Aide Specialists usually meet with parent, youth or the entire family in their home, school or community setting to provide education, assistance, crisis intervention and support.

Home Studies

BHS has staff available to complete home studies for prospective adoptive, foster and relative placements for children. Home studies include gathering a comprehensive history of the family as well as completing background checks.

Love and Logic Parenting Classes

Youth and Family Services provides parenting classes for groups or individuals based off the renowned Love and Logic model. Classes can be conducted in an array of formats and time-frames based of your individual needs. Contact us for more information.